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Thomas H. Greco, Jr.


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Professional Goals

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Transforming the Planet Through Alternative Economy

  • Community Exchange Systems and Local Currencies
  • Money and Banking Theory and History
  • Community Economic Development
  • Information and Educational Technology
  • Survey Research

My Mission

My personal mission is to serve as co-creator of a new paradigm for sustainable, harmonious living, one which promotes human unity, right livelihood, personal freedom, social justice, appropriate technologies, ecological sanity, and equitable distribution of wealth.  I believe we have the intelligence, creativity, and power to build healthy, happy, and wholesome communities, which will lead to peace, justice, and harmony in the world.

Professional Goals

My primary goal is to share what I have learned; to show people how they can enhance their quality of life and improve the health and vitality of their communities through voluntary cooperative efforts.  I serve as catalyst, guide, and facilitator in the process of economic, political, and social restructuring.  A primary approach is to create more equitable financial relationships and better forms of money.

Brief Biography

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. is an economist, educator, writer, researcher, and consultant, who, for more than 20 years, has been working at the leading edge of transformational restructuring.  His research and analysis of economic and monetary structures, and his experience living in intentional communities, have prepared him to serve as a mentor and guide to groups and communities seeking to create socio-economic structures which allow them to live sustainably in harmony with the earth and with each other.

His extensive research of money and finance has led to the development of a variety of trading mechanisms and financial arrangements which provide for more harmonious relationships and a more equitable distribution of wealth.

Besides his frequent presentations and interviews, he has served as an advisor on the creation of monetary alternatives and local currency systems.  He is an expert in survey research and has conducted numerous studies for professional and trade associations, including the design of questionnaires, analysis of data, and interpretation of results.

Mr. Greco has extensive teaching experience, including 14 years as a tenured member of the faculty at a major eastern collegiate institution where he taught various courses in Business Administration.  He is known as an innovative teacher, using simulations, case studies, and experiential methods.

He is the Founder/Director of the non-profit Community Information Resource Center (CIRC), which provides information, advice, and support for groups involved in community improvement, social justice, and sustainability.  He is a past President/Trustee of the School of Living, and has organized events such as the Fourth World Assembly and New Economics Symposium in San Francisco in 1987.

His articles have appeared in The Whole Earth Review, World Business Academy Perspectives, At Work, Earth Island Journal, The Catholic Worker, The Permaculture Activist, Permaculture Drylands Journal and Green Revolution.  He is the author of three books about money, complementary currency, and the debt problem, Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender, New Money for Healthy Communities, and Money and Debt:   A Solution to the Global Crisis.  [Order form for publications by Mr. Greco]

Mr. Greco holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University and an MBA (Business Administration) from the University of Rochester.  He spent a year in residence at Syracuse University pursuing further graduate studies in Management and Instructional Technology.

Besides his experience as an educator, researcher, writer, and administrator, he has worked as an aerospace engineer and self-employed entrepreneur.  His expertise includes community economic development, monetary theory, community currencies and cashless exchange systems, computer applications, information and educational technologies, statistics, and survey research.

He has extensive personal growth experience, including reevaluation counseling, yoga, movement and massage.  He has long involvement in various social change movements and has been active in a variety of organizations and groups.  The following is only a partial listing:

  • NEST, Inc.
  • School of Living
  • Yoga Society of Rochester
  • Rochester Peace and Justice Education Center
  • Action Linkage
  • Tucson Council on Economic Conversion
  • Tucson Business Coalition
  • The Fourth World
  • E. F. Schumacher Society
  • Pima County Greens
  • Tucson Traders mutual credit and currency system
  • LETSonora, local trading system
  • Bioregional movement
  • Decentralist movement
  • TORI Community
  • Tucson Computer Society
  • Town of Riga (NY) Zoning Board
  • RIT Faculty Council
  • Association for Humanistic Psychology
  • American Finance Association
  • American Institute for Decision Sciences
  • American Assn. of University Professors
  • The Institute of Management Sciences
  • Drug and Alcohol Council


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